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GDPR and CRM: Customer data management in 2018


Coming soon: A document that has set up complicated tasks for organizations and caused a huge resonance in a business field will be implemented on May 25, 2018. General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is aimed at protection of a private data of people living in European countries.

The GDPR imposes strict rules on all the enterprises that collect, store and manage information got from users. It includes email, name, address, interests, beliefs, political and religious issues, etc.

Who is obliged to follow the GDPR rules?

Any enterprise that relates to the European market (for example, sales goods or provides services there) is obliged to follow the GDPR rules. Even if the company is located beyond the European territory, it is still imposed with the document.

As a rule, information is stored in Customer Relationship Management system (CRM).

Quick review: What is CRM?

Customer Relationship Management is a program used for successful business managing.

CRM has plenty of useful functions, but one of the most significant is client and transaction accounting. The system provides you with convenient cards that hold the history of interaction with a client in chronological order (from the first call to the ordering). In addition, you are able to listen to phone conversations, save an important document, bill, write an e-mail, etc.

GDPR and CRM: what is the connection?

In fact, GDPR and CRM have a lot in common. Its target is to provide more profound trust and loyalty with potential and existing clients.

CRM will help you to control personal user’s data and implement its professional managing.

3 CRM features aimed to help you manage customer data:

1. The most important feature is to make your current customer database GDPR compliant. With the help of CRM, it is easy to review the kind and amount of personal data you store, its accordance with the regulation. Bulk updates help you to configure and clean the database. In addition, it will significantly save your time. To update personal records one by one, you will be able to set up certain rules. Then, use the bulk update feature to set a goal, legal basis, source and date on multiple entries just in a single click.
2. SuperOffice, a simple, flexible and smart CRM software, provides you with the several tools allowing you to:  

  • record consent;
  • determine the information, legal basis for the reason of storing data;
  • point the source form;
  • specify the person who updated the data.

3. SuperOffice CRM allows you to send an e-mail to clients based on their interests. Therefore, existing and potential clients can decide what type of information they want to get and what content is not desired. For example, blog news, documents or materials for educational purposes, etc.

It should be noted:

General Data Protection Regulation will come into effect so soon! Remember, you need to be extremely responsible for the personal data you get, proceed and store. In case of breaking the GDPR rules, your firm will lose sales capabilities and get an awful reputation. Moreover, the fine for violation of the rules is quite unpleasant.

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