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GDPR is coming. Is your business ready?


Everyone should know that the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation is going to take effect on May 25. It is really a big change for the companies which deal with personal information because it is considered to be a representation of a new legal regime. GDPR is very important for people because with the help of it they can be sure in security and protection of their data. Consequently, it will influence a number of organizations around the world.

What is GDPR in general?

First of all, GDPR is an establishment of standards connected with the storing, collecting and destructing personal data of people who live in Europe. It will be a kind of replacement the European Data Privacy Directive of 1995. But GDPR will be something different because the EDPD only made it obligatory for European residents to adopt protections of personal information in domestic laws and at the same time stick to a uniform, continent-wide standard.

In turn, for GDPR the main aim is declaring protection of personal data as a fundamental right for all European residents. It also demands every regulated entity to perform all main principles of data protection, meaning incorporation of these principles in information systems and processes from the very beginning.

The main steps for GDPR compliance

The GDPR will cause many consequences for every business which is subject to GDPR within Europe. That’s why it is necessary to develop an appropriate compliance plan which can help them to avoid all possible risks related to violating GDPR.

Some steps can be useful for companies:

  • You should review relevant contracts and pay a special attention to those who have risk-apportionment terms.
  • You can develop a certain plan how you will react to an incident which may happen and how you should deploy it as faster as possible if a data breach will happen.
  • You must train the personnel which is responsible for developing and implementing this plan.
  • You are obliged to tell your employees about data protection and its core principles.

All in all, you shouldn’t think that GDPR is not important and you must prepare for it for a long time in order not to have problems and negative consequences of it. Every company shouldn`t ignore it. Organizations should learn all principles of GDPR, then understand its requirements and of course take appropriate steps in order to become compliant with it.

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