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What CRM is GDPR compliant?

Nowadays, not every CRM is considered to be GDPR compliant. But how to find out whether is one or another company compliant or not. It is not enough just have a CRM system that deals with collecting personal data. First of all, there should be GDPR policies which dictate the systems what they must do in order to support your compliance position.

For instance, if it is stated in the policies that the company need such information as name, address, email information for carrying out the required service to the customers CRM should be configured in such a way that it can store this information. However, the user cannot enter another data which is not defined in the following policies, for example, age, marital status and other. There are a lot of different CRM which are GDPR compliant.

NetHunt CRM

NetHunt CRM

NetHunt is Gmail integrated tool which is GDPR compliant and is created in general for small business. It is based on a simple and effective concept. With the help of it, you can turn every email you want into a CRM record. For example, when you receive a client or order email in your inbox, you can put it instantly into the CRM folder which has all another related client data. What is here a real advantage is that you shouldn’t keep other application or service open. All in all, everything is available in Gmail thanks to NetHunt, beginning with the CRM database and ending with todos.



It is getting GDPR compliant too. In turn, ALORE deals with helping many companies improve greatly productivity which directly translates into top-line growth. There are different tools for this: CRM, Curated, Email Finger, Drip Campaign, Mail Tracker, Bikki and ALORE Bot which perform various functions.



Salesflare is going to be GDPR compliant before the deadline of Friday, May 25, 2018. This company has always taken data privacy and security as the most important things because it deals with personal data. And with the help of GDPR Salesflare can improve the processes which it follows. Moreover, it will be able to review one more time agreements with customers and suppliers. The data handling also becomes more checked. So, GDPR compliance can be a huge benefit for Salesflare.

Really Simple Systems


RSS is another CRM that has recently informed about its GDPR compliance. First of all, it is stored all data of customers in the EC. Secondly, this information is accessed just in one case – when a customer requests it. RSS has also made some changes to their Data Breach Policy in order to perform according to the provisions of GDPR.



EWay-CRM is also a kind of GDPR-CRM. It always takes care of the possibility to set up privacy rules with its customers.

There are many other CRM which are GDPR compliant, like Salesforce and Zoho. They are already preparing for GDPR compliance. So, in order to keep successful now every company should do everything in order to stick to the rules of GDPR.

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